20 September 2016

4th-6th July 1947: time for 'pops'

4 Fri. Rather warm, becoming cooler. Sunny morning, dull, overcast later. Got the usual shopping locally. Cycled a little way into Richmond Park in afternoon. Planted a ridge cucumber in garden in evening. The three children called for some “pops”. Gwennie is delighted with her flower garden.

5 Sat. Rather cool for July, dull, very boisterous. The children came to see their flowers which are getting better every day. In afternoon bought fish in Wimbledon. Also got Ciss’ shoes after repair. Bought a meat roasting tin locally.

6 Sun. Very cool for time of year: very dull, heavy clouds, very rough chilly wind. Many children called as usual. Mr. & Mrs. Spranklen-Green, Nigel & Terry called in afternoon. Gave the little boys some “pops”.

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