17 September 2016

27th-28th June 1947: terrific thunder & lightning... cyclonic force wind

27 Fri. Warm, dull, calm. Came over like night mid-day then a terrific storm broke – incessant thunder & lightning and a cloud burst which flooded everywhere accompanied by wind of cyclonic force. The storm cleared up quickly to a lovely afternoon & evening with a cloudless sky. Got all the usual Fri. morning shopping, also bought fish in Morden in afternoon. Dad came in a car to stay with us for the week-end. Alb, Lily and Anthony came as well but did not stay, going back in the car as it was late for Anthony.

28 Sat. Warm, some sunny periods with occasional showers and some thunder & lightning. To Wimbledon to buy fish. Aunt Liza, Gwennie & Laurie to see Dad. Played a number of the old Warham Street Sunday School Anniversary hymns for Dad.

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