16 September 2016

25th-26th June 1947: flour is rationed... too little? too much?

25 Wed. Rather warm, lovely sunny day, the wind was a little too fresh for me. Got the groceries and some fish locally in morning. To Mrs. McAinsh to get two bags of flour as her rations are in excess of her needs and ours are below our needs. Gave Gwennie & Laurie a piano lesson.

26 Thur. Warm; glorious sunny day. Got fish locally also, sardine, matches, also to the chemists. Saw a lady cyclist in Coombe Lane with a 50 years old Rudge-Whitworth cycle. Cleaned some windows. Cut the privet hedge and bushes in the front garden helped by Kenney & Bobbie Norris. Cut the lawn, did some weeding and watering of the garden.

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