30 September 2016

24th July 1947: the beautiful Beferithi... 'Beverleigh'... Beverley Brook

Beverley Brook walk (Merton Council)
24 Thur. Rather warm, the sun peeping out from hazy clouds, a slight breeze: very pleasant. Got liver from the butchers – a rare treat these days. Also bought fish, split peas, glass paper etc. locally. Glass papered the new propeller to a very smooth surface & French polished it – looks like glass. Walked beside the Beverleigh Brook in afternoon: it is a lovely walk and I have never seen such a grand display of rose-bay willow herb. Mrs. McAinsh, Jeanette and Margaret called in evening and had a happy time with the “pops”. They are two charming and intelligent little girls.

 It is three years ago to-day when a “doodle-bug” almost demolished this house. It is only quite recently that the house and furniture etc. has been restored to a reasonable state of repair.

Notes on Beverley Brook
The spelling, nowadays at least, is Beverley, not Fred's 'Beverleigh Brook'. Here are some links to web pages about the 8.9-mile stream as it flows northwards to join the River Thames above Putney Embankment at Barnes Elmes - having flowed through a culvert under a major road, across wasteland, and as pleasant stream through Richmond Park alongside grazing deer. 

Definitely worth clicking this link for the collection of fascinating photos:  This site reports that in the year AD693 the brook was known as Beferithi... and that Beverley means beaver's ley (the home of beavers).

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