15 September 2016

22nd-24th June 1947: music and gardening

22 Sun. Very mild, dull, cloudy, calm. Much piano practice. Short walk in evening.

23. Very mild, cloudy, dull. Uncle Tom called bringing me a cake made by Aunt Nellie. It was good of him to call as he is very old and not very fit. Did some shopping locally in afternoon also for a short cycle ride. Sowed lettuce & aquilegia seed in evening.

24 Tues. Rather warm, nice sunny day; a fresh breeze but I expect most people liked it that way. Bought tin of sausages also tinned beans and packet of dates locally, also bought fish at Merton. Fitted an extra bolt to the back door. Watered the garden. The Lady Penzance sweet briar with its mass of single deep pink-orange roses has been lovely this year. 

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