29 September 2016

22nd -23rd July 1944: boiled beetroot... and 'women playing serious cricket'

22 Tues. Rather warm, fine and sunny for the most part: pleasant. Bought potted meat and fish locally. Short cycle ride in afternoon. Maurice & Laurie called. Put in some hard work levelling the ground where the shelter came out and digging a straight path through where it used to go round the shelter. Dug up three nice beetroots, the first this year and boiled them, had some for tea – lovely with some home grown lettuce.

23 Wed. Rather warm, much warm sunshine but a rather rough wind. Got the groceries etc. all locally. To Mitcham in afternoon: saw Surrey Women’s cricket team play a match against a representative team. Surrey scored 122 for 9 when I had to leave. Most interesting to see women playing real cricket. They bowled over arm – one slow left arm bowler and two slow-medium. The fielding was excellent. The batting was good and no sitting on the splice. There were no batswomen who poked about; they all made long sweeping strokes; some of the boundary hits were first class. Most unusual to see women playing serious cricket, the play being of such a high standard too.

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