28 September 2016

21st July 1947: the Aderson shelter which was our home

'I had given up hope of living'

21 Mon. Rather warm, close, some hazy sunshine otherwise overcast: slight showers. More work on the new propeller. Donald, Maurice who is staying with Cousin Doris and Laurie called. A man – Irish - came and took out the Anderson shelter. It has been in the garden over seven years, and saved us from possible injury at least twice. How many nights and days we have spent in it during raids I cannot say. It served its purpose well. During the flying bomb attacks we slept in it from June to December in 1944. And so it has gone after occupying considerable space in the garden. Many a time when we were inside it when bombs were whining down and flying bombs were roaring over I had given up hope of living. It withstood the awful blast of the flying bomb which fell but 30 yds. away, when a fragment of bomb smashed the door and entered the shelter: but Ciss and I inside were by God’s mercy saved from injury

'a fragment of bomb smashed the door and entered the shelter...' 

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