19 September 2016

1st-3rd July 1947: friends, from army Captain to local child

1 Tues. Becoming rather warm, overcast, almost calm. The three children called and had their first pops off the tree this year. Bought fish locally. Planted two tomato plants, did more weeding.

2 Wed. Becoming rather warm after a rainy start, dull, overcast: little wind. Got the groceries and fish locally. Capt. Harold Marshall called to see me in the afternoon. Played the piano and organ to him. Short cycle ride in evening.

3 Thur. Rather warm, a few periods of sunshine in morning not unpleasant. In morning to butchers. To Merton in afternoon to buy fish. Also bought sardines, soap and matches locally. Gwennie called. She is pleased with her little garden I let her have here and the sweet pea & clarkia are coming into bloom: played table tennis with her.

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