2 September 2016

1st-2nd May 1947: very cold and bitter NE gale; food strikes

1 May. Thur. Cold, very dull, rain, cutting N wind; a little weak sun late in the day. Received a roll of nice pink patterned lino from Wolfe & Hollander’s. Bought sausage meat, fish & paraffin oil locally: Gwennie & Laurie came with me. Gwennie started to paint a birthday card for her mother. Small amount of gardening but it is too cold.

2 Fri. Cold, the temperature never rose above 46 degs. Very dull and cloudy, rain on and off all day, the bitter NE wind is blowing a full gale. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally. It was difficult enough battling against the wind without going further afield. Also went out in afternoon but there is no fish in the shops on account of a strike. There is little meat at the butchers owing to the same cause but I got a small joint. Black enamelled the parlour grate. A man from Macham’s the builders came to look at the damaged front door with a view to repair. It was blown to bits by the bomb and has had two temporary repairs done to it but it is falling to pieces again and will need a lot of new wood built into it.

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