27 September 2016

19th-20th July 1947: brother's lodger

19 Sat. Rather warm, dull, calm, hazy, slight rain at night. The three children called. Gwennie to say good-bye as she is going to stay at Oxford for three weeks. Ciss had the morning off from work and did some shopping in afternoon. I cycled to Tolworth to see Dad who is fairly well. Their lodger Mr. Stopford** was interested in my 40 year old Rudge-Whitworth.

20 Sun. Rather warm, fine, sunny from midday onward. Walked to Holland Gardens but did not see Dorothy this time. Walked to Wimbledon Common in evening, saw lady’s bedstraw and harebells growing there.

**Note: the faintest of bells in your editor's head. Kenneth Stopford? From Manchester area? Fairly tall, and first time toddler Tony was aware of any accent other than BBC/southern. 

Immediately after typing above memory, I Googled the name, and third item down was directory link to a Kenneth Stopford at a Manchester address  - surely not a coincidence?

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