26 September 2016

17th-18th July 1947: one-shilling cod cutlet

17 Thur. Rather warm, becoming cooler, dull, calm, rain setting in later. Bought fish locally – a nice cod cutlet for myself 1/-. Laid new green oilcloth on scullery floor. Mrs. Child called. Donald & Laurie called: sent them away with bunches of “pops” off the yellow acacia tree.

18 Fri. Rather warm, dull, overcast, slight showers and distant thunder. Did all the usual shopping locally. Saw Donald playing with other small boys on the opposite side of Bushey Road; they must have crossed the busy main road themselves. I escorted them safely back and told Doris who went after Donald. Gwennie, Laurie and Donald came in afternoon and played games. Gwennie is going away for three weeks. Tied the tomato plants to the stakes they are growing very tall and some of them have trusses of fruit forming.

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