13 September 2016

16th-18th June 1947: trains, poppies and ration books

16 Mon. Cool, becoming rather warm, some fair periods. To local chemist in morning. To Morden to buy fish in afternoon. Gwennie brought some meat for the cats. Sowed more double poppy seed. Transplanted one of Alf’s tomato plants that he gave me. Posted letter to Harold Marshall.

17 Tues. Becoming warm, lovely sunny day with just a gentle breeze. To Wimbledon in afternoon to take Albert’s umbrella to Trotts to have it re-covered. Walked home along the railway path; saw a Pacific type loco. without a name. Ted Green called in evening. Did some gardening.

18 Wed. Becoming rather warm, dull, rain till evening. Got the groceries locally also fish, soap, tomato stakes, a cake and took the accumulator. To station to buy a paper in afternoon. Did some gardening. Gwennie & Donald called, played table-tennis with Gwennie. To Aston Road Schools to get the new ration books.

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