24 September 2016

13th-14th July 1947: a brief encounter in Holland Garden

13 Sun. Warm, fine sunny day: grand. In afternoon walked to Holland Gardens** and to my surprise saw Dorothy Longhurst sitting on a seat watching the tennis. She seemed unmistakeably pleased to see me so sat beside her and had a talk. Afterwards we walked to the bus stop – she lives at S. Wimbledon. A pleasant time I did not expect, and she was equally pleased; wasn’t that kind of her. Short walk along Arterial Road in evening.

14 Mon. Very warm, close, overhead haze but some sunshine; thundery at night. To Wimbledon to buy fish in afternoon. Donald went into hospital to have his tonsils out. Gwennie called and cut a bunch of sweet peas. To pay slate club in evening.

**Note: here are three links to modern websites featuring Fred's Holland Gardens

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