23 September 2016

11th-12th July 1947: Harold, Gwennie, Donald, Mrs C, Addie and Mrs Jordan

11 Fri. Very cool becoming milder, very dull, cloudy and windy. Did the usual Fri. morning shopping locally and to Morden to buy fish in afternoon. Cousin Harold called in afternoon, also Gwennie and Donald and Mrs. Conley who helps with the cleaning. Gathered the remaining black-currant crop which Ciss promptly turned into jam. Sowed mustard and cress seed. Gave Addie Veale a lettuce.

12 Sat. Rather warm, some nice sunshine; a great improvement. Did some local shopping. Cycled to Epsom Common & watched anglers by the lake. Saw a man with a powerful model speed-boat which skimmed at great speed over the water, being connected to a stake in the water by a line and turning in circles. Mrs. Jordan came to tea. Brought home a spray of meadow-sweet: I love it.

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