14 August 2016

9th-10th April 1947: I love blowing bubbles

9 Wed. Cool, but fine sunny day: very boisterous NE wind to spoil the weather. Got the groceries locally: to Morden to buy fish. Gwennie brought baby Margaret to see me with an escort of half the children of the road. Made some soapy water for her so she can blow some more bubbles. I find bubble blowing fascinating too. Started to repair the broken clothes post at end of garden. Sowed two rows of onion seed. Fitted two rows of terminals to new radio-gram circuit.

10 Thur. Very severe, white morning frost but the sun soon dispelled it. Fine bright, sunny day with some comforting warmth in late afternoon. Bought a stout clothes post at Smaldon’s in morning, price 4/9. To Merton in afternoon bought haricot beans, and four primula wanda roots @ 9d ea. and some cats meat. Fitted the clothes post at end of garden and finished repairs to end fence. Planted the primula roots on the rockery, and put a brick edging along the back of the lawn; looks very nice.

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