12 August 2016

5th-6th April 1947: played Easter organ music LOUDLY

5 Sat. Cold, some sunshine in morning but dull and rain setting in later; a cutting wind howled round the house all day and blew a full gale at night. Stood in a long queue in a gale of wind at the butchers but eventually got a piece of beef. Did other shopping locally including buying a wireless licence. Walked to Merton in afternoon to buy cats meat and fish. Alb, Lily and Anthony called & stayed to tea; they had been shopping in Wimbledon.

6 Sun. Will pay the weather a compliment and call it rather mild, dull & cloudy, very cold cutting wind, showers. Easter Sunday. Played several Easter tunes very loudly on the organ. Then played Beethoven’s C minor Sonata on the piano. The children called. John Child called in evening and got great results on the short waves using the extra transformer coupled amplifier: Radio S.E.A.C. Colombo was unbearably loud on the loudspeaker.

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