11 August 2016

3rd-4th April 1947: one more step in 3-year post-bombing repairs

3 Thur. Cold, dull, showers; heavy rain setting in in early evening. To butchers in morning. Gwennie borrowed a bowl of water and a rag and cleaned her dolls pram outside in the street. Bought fish locally in after-noon, also a 1 meg. resistance, two Easter cards: took accumulator. Kennards man brought the green patterned oil-cloth to-day. I laid it on my bedroom floor at night – looks nice. Just one more step towards getting the home straight. It will be 3 years in July since the damage was done and there is still much more to replace.

4. Good Friday. Cold, dull, bitter N wind: a little sunshine in evening. No visitors to-day. Not having to go out decided it was much better to stay in. Screwed two coil holders and a valve holder to new radio-gram set.

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