8 August 2016

28th-29th March 1947: Saturday elections...

28 Fri. Very cool becoming mild: the highest temperature so far this year. Dull, but the sun was not far away on a few occasions in afternoon: almost calm. Got the meat etc. locally as usual on Friday. Bought a sheet of Duralumin for making the screens on the H.F. amplifier on the rebuilt radio-gram. Gwennie and Donald called: no more school till April 16. I expect I shall have more than enough of them.

29 Sat. The mildest day for months, very dull & calm; rain commenced in morning and continued without a break: I cannot yet say when it will leave off; I am writing this at nearly 11 p.m. Ciss had the morning off and went shopping in Wimbledon; bought among other things some floor covering without the usual permit. Went out in afternoon to vote in the local council election, voting for Greatorex the Independent candidate: also bought fish locally. Replaced back of marble top washstand in my room, replacing it with plaster of Paris. Played dominoes with Ciss: I won.

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