25 August 2016

27th-28th April 1947: up The Downs

27 Sun. Mild, some nice sunny periods, a fresh wind to spoil it as usual. Walked up Downs, Ridgeway and down Arterberry Rd. home. The flowering trees are lovely. I saw magnolias, various prunus including a very deep carmine one. Cherry trees including the double pink, bird-cherry and the pear blossom is wonderful. John Child brought a crystal set and got good reception including a French station.

28 Mon. Rather mild, slight showers but mostly fine & sunny: very stiff chilly breeze. Bought flower seeds also fish locally. Sowed marigold seeds to replace those raked up by cats.

Map left: the likely route of Fred's walk around Wimbledon, when he admired so many flowering trees. (He doesn't say where he crossed the railway on the way back.)

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