24 August 2016

26th April 1947: missing ice-creams

We don't know if Fred was looking for an ice-cream cart
pushed by hand or a van - this (above) will be years later
(Photo: Chris Sampson via Wikipedia)
See a page about ice-cream vans here
26 Sat. Cool, becoming mild, fine, bright, sunny day, but with a chilly E wind. Ciss had the morning at home. I cleaned every window in the house. In afternoon to Merton cats’ meat shop. Gwennie came in a very tearful state she had been given some money to buy ices but the man with the stall had moved off. I cycled round all the roads and asked at several shops but came back minus ices. But a man came through the road with an ice-cream truck later so perhaps she had one after all. Dug over a bed in garden, manured it with hop-manure and sowed beetroot seed.

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