4 August 2016

22nd-24th March 1947: Cold, dismal, rain, snow, sleet, gales... and cards & Radio Colombo

22 Sat. Rather mild, a few sunny periods, showers: the south west wind blew half a gale. Laurie & Clifford came to play cards: showed them a few card tricks. To Merton to buy cats meat. Bought other things locally including a packet of night-scented stock seed.

23 Sun. Rather mild, dull, showers; the south-west wind is blowing half a gale. A number of children called. Peter and John Child came in evening to hear Radio S.E.A.C. Colombo: I used an extra amplifier but it brought up background noise rather a lot.

24 Mon. Cold, dismal, rain, snow, sleet, gales of cold NW wind. Potted up two geraniums that I have kept dry during the winter. Bought fish in morning. Paid slate club in evening. Chas. called at night for some mattresses we gave him.

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