21 August 2016

22nd-23rd April 1947: fearful wind... out of coal

22 Tues. Rather cold, a little morning sun but dull, cloudy & showers later, the fearful wind continues: rainbow in evening. Bought fish locally. Bought a blue primula for 6d. which I planted on the rockery. Donald called in morning & I wasted a hour playing with him. Gwennie called in afternoon.

23 Wed. Cold, awful wild, windy day; rain, dismal, cloudy, not much like April: at night the force of the wind was frightening. Got the groceries locally as usual, also some fish. We are right out of coal but found a few pieces at the back of cellar and with some logs made a fire, the same being needful as it is so cold. In evening repaired the bomb damaged hearth in my bedroom. Skimmed it all over with neat cement and it looks as good as new: one more job done.

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