17 August 2016

15th-16th April 1947: trees are rushing into leaf

"I passed Harold Marshall's house..." 15 Almond Way, Mitchem
Sen here in Google Maps, some 70 years later 
15 Tues. Mild, cloudy, but a little gentle sunshine. To Wimbledon to buy fish. Trimmed up the edges of side path, dug over a border and sowed night-scented-stock seed.

16. Foggy to begin the day but the sun soon cleared it and shone brightly all day without a break, becoming rather warm: a lovely day. The trees are rushing into leaf and the almond trees are in full blossom also forsythia and purple plum. Got the groceries locally, thence to Morden, thence to Mitcham but the meat shop was shut. Being such a lovely morning I continued my ride to Gorringe Park working my way through devious side streets till I reached Almond Way where I passed Harold Marshall’s house. I then went across Mitcham Common home. Sowed more night-scented stock seed and cos lettuce.

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