16 August 2016

13th-14th April 1947: flying & pondlife on Wimbledon Common

Hookhamslade Pond, Wimbledon Common
13 Sun. Mild, calm, fine, hazy sunshine. Promised to take Gwennie & Laurie to the Common tomorrow to fly my aeroplane. Went to see Chas. and Doris and worked their new wireless set on the short waves.

14 Mon. Mild, some pleasant sunshine but a stiff breeze which blew up chilly at times. Took Gwennie & Laurie with Leonard & Victor Conley who gate-crashed at the last moment to fly my aeroplane on Wimbledon Common. Considering the wind blew in gusts of up to 25 m.p.h. the model flew splendidly, covering about a third of a mile. It is the first time Gwennie & Laurie have seen a model fly. I am sure they enjoyed themselves. They brought home some pussy willow from Hookhamslade pond.

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