15 August 2016

11th-12th April 1947: buys sweet ration every Friday

11 Fri. Mild, perfectly lovely sunny day: nicest day this year. Got the meat etc locally. Bought our sweet ration which I do every Friday. Planted some pink blue-bells on the rockery. Put in a strong fence post in Mrs. Veale’s fence to replace one which had rotted at ground level: pruned their bush roses. Mrs. Veale is in hospital and has had an operation but may be out in a few days. Sowed cress seed in a box. Put up two short curtains.

12 Sat. Chilly, hazy, not much wind, what little sun there was could hardly penetrate the overhead haze. Alan Spooner called in morning to discuss wireless: he is very advanced. Chas also called, asking me if I could find a plot in my garden where the children could sow some seed. The children came in afternoon and sowed sweet peas, clarkia and love-in-a-mist. Put the clock on another hour for double summer time; the clocks are now two hours fast.

'Put the clock on another hour for double summer time'

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