9 July 2016

9th-10th Feb 1947: snowballs

9 Sun. Were greeted this morning with five inches of snow and much deeper where it had drifted. A slow thaw during the day brought down an avalanche of snow from the roofs. I narrowly escaped our roof fall when I went outside to get some coal. Cleared in front of the house; quite a heavy job there being such a weight of snow to shift. Played snowball with many children. Got a direct hit on Eric Morris ear which was filled with snow. I threw him & Doreen some sweets in a paper to make up for it.

10 Mon. A slow thaw to-day with a maximum temperature of 5 degs above freezing: colder at night. Very dull & misty. The roads and footpaths are deep in slush. Bought fish, gloss paint, floor polish, salt, a torch battery etc. locally. Wrote and posted a letter to Uncle Tom. Cleared the rain water pipe in front of house with a long cane, found it was stopped up with a small glass jar. Cleaned the sink into which it flows and the water is now running away properly. The wall just there was saturated right through to the front room.

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