25 July 2016

8th-9th March 1947: Colombo calling

8 Sat. Frost less severe, rising to 6 degs above freezing during the day: some sunshine in afternoon: 4 degs above freezing at night. To Merton to buy fish, haricot beans, split peas etc. Walked there through several inches of slush: in places the pavements are under several inches of slushy water: I have never seen such bad conditions.

9 Sun. Rather cold; actually up to 6 degrees above freezing was recorded: fine sunny day but slight rain at night. The three children called in morning and several others later on their way to Sunday School. John Child called in evening to hear how the short waves were coming in; they should be affected by sunspot activity but I received Radio S.E.A.C. Colombo very loudly.

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