24 July 2016

7th March 1947: rose pink net for 'radio-gram'

7 Fri. Eight degrees of frost to begin the day. Fine sunny day with freezing and thawing at the same time. Marvellous fringes of long icicles depend from the roofs, the icicles drip and lengthen and glisten in the sunshine with prismatic colours. Conditions underfoot are atrocious. Freezing very hard at night, there being a moon and the air very still and quiet. Got the meat and other things in morning. Took Gwennie and Donald with me to do local shopping in afternoon, bought Gwennie a card of toy kitchen utensils and Donald a blowpipe and ball game. Dyed some curtain net rose pink and fitted it behind the loudspeaker in fret of the radio-gram – looks nice.

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