8 July 2016

7th-8th Feb 1947: severe frost, gales & heavy snow

7 Fri. Severe frost all day long: a little brighter than yesterday. The footpaths and roads are very slippery. I found walking difficult and only saved myself from falling many times by using great caution. Got the meat and other things locally. In afternoon to Merton to buy fish, cats meat, peas (dried) and haricot beans. Heard with great regret of the death of Mr. Essam the shoemaker. He died of a heart attack after influenza. He was 55. I shall miss his cheery optimism and friendliness.

8 Sat. Severe frost all day; dull; cruel wind of gale force: snowing heavily at night. Did not go out. Refitted door on radio-gram: it was knocked off in the bombing. Stained and re-polished the front and top of gram cabinet: it was scratched and pitted with flying glass: it looks quite well again. Gwennie & Laurie called with a sledge their father made for them this morning. Cousin Maud called in evening.

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