23 July 2016

5th-6th March 1947: train lost in snow, cars slip & bump over great mounds

5 Wed. Just a little above freezing point during the day but freezing morning and night. Very dismal with sheets of sleet and frozen snow all day. The fierce E wind drove the snow against the windows with a rattling sound, and it sprayed in round the edges of ill-fitting doors and windows. Cleared the thick snow from footways at back and front of the house. Got the groceries and some fish locally. Took Doris’ plate back & saw Gwennie in bed: there does not seem much the matter with her.

Mr Jones the milkman could not push his truck over the heavily covered roads 

6 Thur. Round about freezing point all day. A little brighter after a night of blizzard. Between 5 and 12 inches of frozen, crunchy snow everywhere. Roads and footways are extremely dangerous. In the midlands and north, trains are snowed under; one train from Manchester to Marylebone was lost temporarily. Mr Jones the milkman could not push his truck over the heavily covered roads and had to deliver milk by hand. In afternoon to buy a cake and a few other things locally. Had to pick up Mrs. Clarke who had fallen at Sydney Road, carried her heavy bag of groceries home for her. A few cyclists were riding but were slithering about dangerously, too risky to be attempted, I think; might have been a spill at a time a car was near; even cars were slipping and bumping over great mounds of frozen snow. Dear Gwennie called and had another lesson in whist.

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