7 July 2016

5th-6th Feb 1947: more snow... start building a radio

Wed 5. Freezing all day, snowing lightly most of the day and the landscape is again white. Dismal, bitter N wind. Got the groceries as usual. Also bought an aluminium soap dish for Ciss and a long cane to clear the rain pipe with. Oh, bought two books of transfers for Anthony. A visit from Mr. Honnor who lived at 88 in this road until his house was destroyed by the doodle-bug. I have been minding his saw so I gave it to him to-day.

Thur 6. Severe frost all day; snowing most of the day: about three inches having fallen. Dismal; sky heavy with snow. To butchers and other shops locally, morning & afternoon, Made a start on the new short-wave set. It will have a screen-grid H.F. stage, detector and two L.F. valves. It will take a long while to build in the easy stages I shall have to make.

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