6 July 2016

3rd-4th Feb 1947: 17s/11p+5 coupons - trousers from Wimbledon

3 Mon. Very cold, but thawing and much of the snow is gone. Very dull, snow, sleet and rainy. Yesterday I saw a thrush in the garden; to-day I saw a pretty goldfinch: I have never seen a goldfinch except in captivity. A few purchases locally and in evening on my bike to pay the club – came home with Harold.

4 Tues. Very cold, still a little snow left. Dismal, misty, colder at night. To Wimbledon to buy cats meat and a pair of grey flannel trousers. The latter cost 17/11 and 5 coupons. The three children called: played noughts and crosses with Laurie and of course he won! Gave Donald a cycle lamp battery and a bulb: he likes to make circuit with a piece of wire and see the lamp light up.

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