4 July 2016

30th-31st Jan 1947: gas so weak 25 mins to boil kettle

30 Thur. Frost not quite so severe, 12 degrees below and 8 below midday. Dull: the wind made it feel colder than yesterday. Gas pressure has been reduced by the great coal shortage and the flicker we are allowed takes nearly 25 minutes to boil a kettle. Bought several things locally, including a hot-water bottle, paraffin and a chocolate cake. Met Emily Garrod. She told me they were frozen out and was buying some flex so that Len could fix up an electric fire in the roof to thaw the tank and pipes.

31 Fri. Heavy fall of snow to begin the day, slight thaw midday, freezing again later with more heavy snow; very dull and a sky looking full of snow. Got the week-end shopping – all locally but I went to Merton in the afternoon on an errand. Managed to thaw the lavatory cistern at last. Made a better short wave coil for John Child.

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  1. What an appalling winter it was that year. And just as bad (sometimes worse) in many parts of Europe.
    People today think they’re hard done by if they can’t get cellphone coverage!