2 July 2016

28th Jan 1947: frost, snow and hot ginger wine

28 Tues. Very severe frost, all day, six degrees of frost midday, twelve at night near the house. Snowing all day but a little less wind. Mended the ball-cock in lavatory cistern. Walked to Merton in half a blizzard, stood in a long queue and succeeded in buying some cats meat. Bought saccharin; sausages locally. Went to 34 to get the loaf that Doris gets for us on Tuesdays. The three children were all very good and delighted to see me. Mrs. Collis was passing so I called her in and gave her a cup of hot ginger wine for which she was grateful. She had walked from the further end of Grand Drive, not being able to get a bus and had had enough of the severe weather.

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