19 July 2016

26th-27th Feb 1947: spread the news! Paraffin at Houghton's! Liver at butchers!

26 Wed. Fine, bright, sunny day. Slightly thawing in the shade, but more rapidly in the sun: the warmth of which could just be felt. Very cold again at night. Got the groceries at Eyles as usual; bought some razor blades there. Bought fish locally. Donald brought some pieces for the cats. John Child called: gave him a locking-nut for his variable condenser.

27 Thur. Very cold but slightly thawing, very dull: still a lot of snow about. Cousin Doris called to tell me paraffin was being served at Houghtons so went and got a gallon. Met Alf’s Lily who wanted to know where I got it, so she went and got some also. To butchers and to my surprise got some liver. Took battery, thence to station to buy paper. Dear Gwennie brought pieces for cats: I love her; she is growing up very charming.

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