21 July 2016

1st-2nd March 1947: snowdrifts

1 March. Sat. Severe morning frost, just above freezing during day but thawing in the bright sunshine in afternoon. There is still much snow about where it is in shadow: there is still a drift 14 ins deep outside the dining room window. Ciss had the morning off from work. To Merton in afternoon to buy fish: also bought some circuit connecting wire at little wireless shop at the Rush. Gwennie called; played dominoes; she won 2 games out of 2. I then played whist giving her her first lesson.

2 Sun. Severe white frost, cold, fine sunny day. Although it was thawing in the sunshine there is still a lot of snow in the shadows and it will take a long time to disappear. John Child called in evening gave him a variable & a fixed condenser.

Notes: I find it interesting that Fred mentions that his sister, 'Ciss', had the morning off  work - yet this is a Saturday - and her's was an office job with a major building company, Holloway Brothers - Tony.

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