30 July 2016

17th March 1947: fifteen killed in 98mph gales

17 Mon. During the early hours until daylight, the wind blew with very great violence; as I lay in bed the house shuddered and trembled with the shock. Gusts up to 77 m.p.h. were recorded in London, while gusts up to 98 m.p.h. were registered in other parts of England. As a result of the gale 15 people were killed – even houses were blown down. In contrast the day was comparatively mild and calm with some pleasant sunshine. Out only to buy fish locally. Remade the centre and one side path of garden with ashes. Dug over a border in preparation for planting shallots. Chased after the dog from next door which escaped while their front door was open. Had great difficulty in catching it and bringing it back from half-way down Edna Road: wish I had let it go: it is a beastly little thing and the cause of much nuisance. Repaired Donald’s little four-wheeled truck. The last of the “iceberg” beneath the dining room window disappeared to-day, so the snow has gone at last!

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