13 July 2016

17th-18th Feb 1947: sawing timber for fuel

17 Mon. Severe frost; temperature never higher than 27 degs. Fah. Very dull; biting NE wind. Dear Connie Bradley’s birthday: she is 47: lovely darling. Bought fish, marmite, metal polish, torch bulb and saccharin in the morning. To station in afternoon to buy a paper. Laurie called to play draughts. Sawed up a baulk of timber for fuel. What little coal we have left has to be used sparingly. We shall soon be without.

18 Tues. Severe frost all day, dull, wind even worse than yesterday. Busy most of the day sawing a heavy baulk of timber to make logs for fuel. It was very hard to keep a fire to-day. Received 15 ft of chestnut fencing: expect it will be some time before I am able to put it up. Out only to local fish shop and to get the loaf from Doris. Ciss went to see Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie.

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