29 July 2016

15th-16th March 1947: gales... and an awful noise!

15 Sat. Severe white frost, 6 degs below but slightly thawing by midday, freezing again by afternoon when it began to snow heavily until an inch had fallen. Late at night it began to thaw again and the snow turned to rain: a bitter E wind. Summer time began to-day and clocks and watches were put on one hour. Gwennie and Laurie called each with a kazoo saxophone – oh, what an awful noise. To Merton to buy fish, lights, cod liver oil and malt and a paper. Played dominoes with Ciss.

16 Sun. Moderately mild, some sun early, dull, rain and a full gale later. Short walk in afternoon. John Child called as usual. Got Colombo and other long distance stations on the short waves.

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