12 July 2016

15th-16th Feb 1947: severe frost, 'many degrees below'

15 Sat. Severe frost all day, dull, cutting E wind. To Smaldon’s to buy a 15 ft roll of chestnut fencing price 22/6. I shall now be able to finish the fence which for so long had been a makeshift so that the dog next door can get through and tear up the garden and chase the cats out of their own garden. Shall have to wait till the thaw comes before I can do the work. Bought a few other things locally. Found Harold and Sylvia with the car with the engine stopped. It goes a little way and conks out. He got it going while I was watching but don’t know how far he got. In afternoon to buy fish at Merton also a dish cloth. Went with Gwennie to the grocers. Laurie came to play draughts: he won 2 to 1.

16 Sun. Severe frost; many degrees below at night, very dismal; the E wind is even worse. Coal is very low & we have but a small fire. The children called. John Child called for his usual wireless talk: gave him some crystals. Ciss went to Cousin Maud birthday party.

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