28 July 2016

13th-14th March 1947: snow and 'cutting' northerly

13 Thur. Rather mild, 51 degs, dull, rain most of the day. There is still some snow left and the “iceberg” outside the dining room window is still 16 ins high. To butchers, fish shop and oil shop in morning. Gwennie and Laurie called in afternoon and had a lesson on whist.

14 Fri. Very cold, only a few degrees above freezing, very dull, snowing most of the day, cutting N wind. Got all the usual Fri. provisions: bought 7 lbs of Rito* fertiliser. Did a lot of house cleaning and altogether did a day’s hard work. Gwennie showed me a crayon picture she did at school.

*Claimed to be the sweepings from the yard of the Molassine Company, Greenwich - see under heading 'Molasses incident photo' on this London archaeological website - and our blog reader Fern has found this photo - link here - of an infamous incident when a storage tank of treacly molasses - the thick, dark brown juice obtained from raw sugar during the refining process - leaked from a vast storage tank.

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