10 July 2016

11th-12th Feb 1947: five-month waiting list for brolley repair

11 Tues. Severe frost all day, dismal yellow misty light, bitter NE wind. Walked to Wimbledon and back in morning, bought fish, maplemeat, took an umbrella for repair at Trott’s, they put me on the waiting list and said they would write me in about 5 months time when I could bring it, also bought a manual of Pitmans Shorthand for Ciss. Doris told me Aunt Liza was ill with haemorrhage after a bad fit of coughing; the doctor said it was a burst blood vessel. Laurie called; we played two games of draughts; he is a power to reckon with although he is only six.

12 Wed. Exactly the same as yesterday. Got the groceries locally also some cats fish. Went to see Aunt Liza: she is a little better although very weak – the doctor is coming to-day. Laurie came again to-day very keen to play draughts: I let him win three games to my two.

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