18 June 2016

3rd-4th Jan 1947: bitter wind

3 Fri. Very cold, some sun in morning, dull later: cold wind. To butchers also to pay newspapers and get some sweets in morning. In afternoon to Merton to buy fish and some cats meat, and haricot beans. Laurie called for his scooter which he left in the front garden yesterday: I took it in as I thought it might be taken. Saw a very large twin-engined monoplane circling round with one propeller stopped as if it were going to land but it did not seem much the worse as it could climb: it eventually flew off westward.

4 Sat. Very cold, dull, but a little sun in morning: bitter wind. Gwennie called bringing a Xmas present book for me to read. She called also in afternoon and seemed disinclined to go home till her father called for her. I think there had been some trouble – or she had got into it there and had come here to escape it. You can’t help laughing. Did some shopping locally.

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