9 June 2016

21st-22nd Dec 1946: £1 cheque for Xmas, from army captain in Germany

21 Sat. 12 degrees below freezing, 9 midday. Very severe weather, dull, misty but little wind. The three children called bringing some useful presents from their mother. Aunt Hannah called. Trudged through the cruel weather to Merton to buy cats meat & fish. Also something at the chemists. Bought some silver tinsel stars for decorations locally. A kind letter from Capt Marshall in Germany enclosing a cheque on Lloyds’ Bank for £1.

22 Sun. The temperature rose from 4 degrees below freezing to eleven degrees above. The snow vanished by midday: very dull with rain commencing in evening. Some children called also John Child. Mrs. Akroyd brought some presents. Ciss took the presents for the children to Doris.

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