8 June 2016

19th-20th Dec 1946: slippery slopes to grave, in snow!

19 Thur. Very cold but just above freezing point. The wind has dropped; very dismal, snow most of the day – 1½ ins. A few purchases locally but tried in vain to get paraffin. Posted some Xmas cards including one to Anthony with a robin redbreast on the front. Bought a nice holly wreath for dear Mother’s grave.

20 Fri. Severe frost all day except for a short while where the sun shone midday. The roads and footways are as dangerously slippery as I have seen. Did the shopping in morning, quite a lot of it including buying a comical toy for Donald. Took the wreath to dear Mother’s grave in afternoon. Had a struggle to get there owing to the slippery paths. I only saved myself from falling many times by using extreme caution. Once I thought I was going on my back but recovered just in time.

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