3 June 2016

13th Dec 1946: locked myself out

13 Fri. Severe hoar frost which did not yield all day; very foggy especially morning and night. To butchers: got veal this week. Bought tinned Irish stew: potted fish and a bottle of thick sauce locally. Also bought fish, paid the newsagent and bought some sweets. Then discovered I had come out without my key. Went to Aunt Liza’s borrowed a screwdriver, hammer and pliers. The back door I bolted before I came out. Asked next door to be let through. Borrowed their steps and after 20 mins. work took the glass out of the fanlight above the back door. Then put my hand through and slid back the bolt. All in a thick fog and several degrees of frost. It was 4 oclock before I had my midday dinner.

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