2 June 2016

11th-12th Dec 1946: first demerara sugar for years

11 Wed. Very cold, very dull, rain all day. To groceries where I spent 12/- on goods: got some Demerara sugars first time for years. To Morden to buys cats meat. Cooked the Xmas puddings. Laurie brought some meat for the cats: gave him a spring pistol which took his fancy. Wrote letter to Capt. Marshall which I shall post tomorrow: he is in Germany.

12 Thur. Severe frost which yielded to sunshine midday: very dull, thick fog later. Bought silver foil for decorations. To Mrs. Child in afternoon: she has four decorators at work – very convenient I must say just before Xmas, and the dog has got four puppies. The wireless would not work so I attached a temporary aerial. Also the gramophone was said to be screechy: I don’t wonder, it was running at a breakneck speed: I slowed it to 80 revs a minute and it was quite all right. Ciss had a day off to do some shopping which she did in the morning in Wimbledon.

Note: demerara and so-called "raw" sugars are made from crystallized, partially evaporated sugar cane juice, and spun in a centrifuge...

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