31 May 2016

7th-8th Dec 1946: stone hot water bottle

7 Sat. Very cold, dull, rain at each end of the day. Bought tinned steak & kidney pudding and tinned marmalade pudding and flour at local grocers. Posted calendar to Elsie in Canada, Bought fish, cats meat, apples and mustard & cress at Merton. Bought a stone hot water bottle locally. Saw Major and Mrs Skey in Chemists in Coombe Lane. Bought balsa cement at Merton & rock cakes in Coombe Lane: a busy afternoon.

8 Sun. Cold, very dull, downpour all day: east wind. The children called: they were interested when I played a tune on the toy saxophone. John Child called in evening.

Note: looks as if  Fred may keep my Xmas present for himself! - Tony

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