13 May 2016

5th-6th Nov 1946: her daddy was killed in the war

5 Tues. Rather cold, foggy, save for a short while in afternoon when the sun just came through. To Merton in morning to buy fish. Unwound secondary of output transformer and re-wound it tapped in three places for experiment. The three children called. Laurie had his chin cut at school and had to have it stitched at Hospital. Josette Winsley came to the door with the others, she is a nice little girl but she has no Daddy, he was killed in the war.

6 Wed. Cold, dull, rather foggy but the sun drove it away for a short time in the afternoon. Was sorry to hear from Aunt Hannah this morning that Uncle Will died in the early hours of yesterday morning. He had been in a precarious state of health for some years. Went to see if Uncle Ben knew: he had been told by letter as was Aunt Liza. Did the usual shopping locally. More experimenting with output transformers.

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