30 May 2016

5th-6th Dec 1946: saxophone

5 Thur. Severe white frost lasting well into the morning: less cold, dull, misty, rain later. To local butchers & chemists in morning. To Morden in afternoon bought and thence to a toy shop where I bought a toy saxophone for a Xmas present for Anthony: it has eight keys and one may play simple tunes on it. I got some fun out of playing it. Finished winding secondary of Celestion output transformer.

6 Fri. White frost, cold day with some sunshine. To butchers etc as usual on Friday – all local shops. Cleaned and polished the dining-room floor.

Note: I can't remember receiving a saxophone! Perhaps he kept it to play with - I'll watch this diary for any more references. - Tony

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  1. I had to laugh at the saxophone. Perhaps your parents managed to 'lose' it.